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Why the need for us

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us and while terms like “Internet-of-Things” are becoming part of our lexicon, Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Robots are starting to take over.

At FutureEducation we believe that meaningful success for students is not only about obtaining top grades but is also about the students being equipped to have a fair chance to compete in the future. Our programs assist prepare students for a future in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and beyond where in all walks of life skills such as coding and robotics shall be pervasive


Our Programmes

Introduction to Coding

Introduction to coding prepares students for a software driven world by introducing them to software programming fundamentals.

Robotics for Everyone

Robotics for everyone introduces students to robotics concepts preparing them for an environment where automation through robots will be center stage.

Maths & Science tutorials

Higher mastery of mathematics and science concepts translates into better mastery of Coding & Robotics logic.

Hi-Tech Tours

Technology oriented industrial tours make concepts less abstract by exposing students to real-life of high-end technology at work.

Jobs-Of-The-Future Seminars

Seminars on Jobs of the future offer a career guidance platform where students are enlighten on emerging career patens and trends.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We believe to make successful students ready to tackle the future it takes a fine balance of diligence and curiosity on the part of the student, tutoring that is individualized to meet each student right at their point of need and guidance on future trends.

  • To achieve this our methods are centered around kindling the student’s interest by winning their hearts and minds.
  • We employ AI driven teaching aides profile each student so that their learning plan is individualized for them.
  • We carryout continuous assessment and coaching of our tutors to guarantee that high quality tutorage is delivered to our students.

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